Immersed in verdant Mediterranean flora, the Villa Marta speaks the nature lover's language. The Villa lies on one of the most scenic and tranquil promontories of the Island of Capri, directly across from breath-taking views of the island and the Mediterranean sea.
The typical Capri architecture of gentle arches, white stucco, terracotta and majolica tiles relaxes both the body and the mind.

In the yard, a sparking blue swimming pool is surrounded by umbrella pines and crimson geraniums.

Located in the city hall of Anacapri, The Villa Marta is only minutes away from famous natural and historical sites.
The Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, can be easily reached both by bus and by foot.
One of Tiberius Caesar's ancient palaces is only a few minutes walking distance away and located in a cool, serene pine forest.
The Villa is conveniently located on the Anacapri-Blue Grotto bus line.
The Villa is composed of three bedrooms and two and a half baths.
One bedroom contains a private bathroom with shower.
The other two bedrooms share one large bathroom with bathtub and one service bathroom.
Two of the bedrooms and the living/dining area open up onto a beautiful terracotta tiled terrace, perfect for mealtime.
A bright, sunny kitchen where delicious Italian dishes can be prepared completes the house.

The yard area has an elegant figure-eight swimming pool surrounded by flowered walkways.
A platform that was utilized as an anti-aircraft gun emplacement during World War II is now gracefully tiled and put to more peaceful uses.
Above the platform, a picturesque overlook with a cocktail table is perfect for a romantic tÍte-a-tÍte.

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