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The Island of Capri


Capri has been a favorite site for tourists since the times of ancient Rome. Tiberius Caesar was so enchanted with the island that he moved his headquarters here and ruled the great Roman Empire from this natural beauty of the Mediterranean.
During the 1950s and 60s, Capri became the elegant rendezvous for famous Hollywood stars.

Today the Island remains the principal attraction for those visiting Naples and its environs. Nature reigns supreme with its beautiful rock formations, verdant colors of the flora and the intense and mesmerizing blue of the Mediterranean.
Capri has much to offer to those interested in culture and those interested in relaxation and entertainment.

What to see

Tiberius built numerous sprawling villas on Capri. Some of their remains are still standing. The one that is best preserved is the Villa Jovis, situated on one of Capri's promontories. It can be reached from the main piazza in Capri by taking a pleasant 30 minute walk past quaint Capresian houses with their flowered courtyards.
Villa Damecuta, in Anacapri, is also worth a visit as it lies in one of the most beautiful parts of the island. It rises right above the famous Blue Grotto and ancient hear-say reports that Tiberius had a secret passage excavated from this villa to the Grotto.
The Blue Grotto, an acquatic cave, is one of the principal attractions of the Island. It can be reached by boat from the main port of Capri (Marina Grande) or via the Anacapri-Blue Grotto bus line (from the town of Anacapri) or of course by foot or by taxi. The shimmering blue and aquamarine colors are simply indescribable.
Also to visit in Anacapri is the Villa San Michele, built by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe.
Not to be missed is the chairlift ride (from the main piazza of Anacapri) to Mount Solaro, the highest point of the island. The breathtaking views of Capri, the Sorrentine peninsula and the Naples coastline dominated by Mount Vesuvius are truly unforgettable.
For those interested in serious hiking or romantic "passeggiate" (walks), some beautiful walks can be taken all around the island: to the Faraglioni, the Natural Arch, the Augustus Gardens and the many watchtowers dating from the Norman conquest.
Sunset Relaxtion and Entertainment

Capri boasts numerous gorgeous beaches in every part of the Island. Try a different beach each day! Choose from comfortable beach establishments which charge fees for entrance, but provide all necessities or free beaches.
The elegant and costly boutiques of Capri are filled with the latest fashions of haute couture. Window shopping is just as fun as actual purchasing, but go ahead and splurge just this once�! The less glitzy, but equally interesting shops of Anacapri offer typical island products such as hand-made sandals, the island's famous lemon liqueur and hand-painted ceramics.
Some people come to Capri exclusively for its exciting night life. The glam crowd love to sit in one of the fancy outdoor caf�s in the Piazzetta (Capri's main square), sipping champagne or exotic cocktails. The island offers various nightclubs and tavernas for those interested in partying until the wee hours. The taverna should definitely be experienced: local (and very talented) musicians play and sing old Neapolitan songs in a typical tavern atmosphere where dancing on the tables closes a spectacular evening.
Capri's excellent cusine is obviously predominated by its wonderful seafood. The local specialties such as Ravioli Capresi, Insalata Caprese and Torta Caprese must also be sampled. The Island offers all types of meals for all types of pockets from exclusive five star restaurants to quaint hosterias.

Come and enjoy...Capri is waiting for you!

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